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Our Beef: Welcome

Cox Family Farms beef has no artificial hormones, antibiotics, or pesticide-treated pasture.  We still farm the way our grandparents did, the natural way.  We believe that the less you interfere with nature, the healthier our animals will be - and in turn, you!  Is this the most profitable way to farm?  Maybe not, but it's what is best for our animals, our planet and our bodies.

Environmentally Friendly 

Local food - never more than 100 miles from pasture to plate!

Our cows were born and raised here in Northern Kentucky, never shipped or brought from other areas.  In addition, Cox Family Farms beef is processed locally. 

Matter of fact, very little mechanization is used in raising our cows.  Our only use of machinery comes from mowing hay twice a year, the trip to the processor, and delivery directly to you.  It comes down to about a gallon or two of diesel fuel per cow!

*our beef sold by the pound travels a little further to a USDA processing plant about 2 hours away. 

"How Eating Grass-Fed Beef Could Save the Planet" (Time Magazine)

"Conventional cattle raising is like mining," he says. "It's unsustainable because you're just taking without putting anything back. But when you rotate cattle on grass, you change the equation. You put back more than you take." (See the top 10 scientific discoveries of 2009.)

It works like this: grass is a perennial. Rotate cattle and other ruminants across pastures full of it, and the animals' grazing will cut the blades — which spurs new growth — while their trampling helps work manure and other decaying organic matter into the soil, turning it into rich humus. The plant's roots also help maintain soil health by retaining water and microbes. And healthy soil keeps carbon dioxide underground and out of the atmosphere.

Happy Cows  

  Our cows are treated like family.  They enjoy plenty of space to graze, shade for lounging, and spring-fed ponds. 

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