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How your beef is sold and what your share contains

Beef Share Information:

Beef is available in bulk by buying a "share" of a cow.  

We do not sell individual cuts of beef or beef by the pound.

Our cows are priced by hanging weight; hanging weight is what the cows weigh after it has been broken down into sides.  This will not be the weight of actual beef, as some weight will be lost in trimming, bone, and some organs. You can expect to lose up to 30% in processing, although we try to optimize cuts for less loss.

A quarter share will generally last a family of four 4-6 months.  Unless of course you have teenage boys, as we do, then all bets are off!  Families that eat at home or entertain frequently may want to order more frequently.  Most people find that once they have healthy, high-quality food at home, they use it more frequently.

If you are a current customer and would like to order a half share and select your own cuts, please email us for more information.

Here is a list of what a typical share would include.  This is based on a 450 lb hanging weight (112.50 lb hanging weight per quarter.)  THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE.  Please use this as a guideline. Each beef is different and will have more or fewer pkgs of cuts based on how big the beef is and how each muscle is cut.  See below pictures for how your beef will be packaged.  (The share actually had three boxes, only two are shown - excuse my feet in the pic, I haven't figured out how to crop yet!)

23 pkgs of ground beef (each around 1 lb, they are packed by hand so some weighed a little more)

4 pkgs of cube steak/minute steak

2 pkgs of t-bone (2 steaks per pkg)

3 pkgs of sirloin steak

1 sirloin tip roast

3 pkgs short ribs

2 chuck roasts

3 pkgs rib steaks (aka bone-in ribeye - 2 steaks per pkg)

1 quarter brisket


A quarter share is typically 110-160 lbs. If you purchase a quarter share, you will receive Cox Family Farms preferred cuts.  As each beef is different, it is difficult to predict exactly what will be in a quarter share but GENERALLY, 40% is ground beef, 30% roasts, 15% steak and 15% other cuts (ribs, stew meat, etc.)

This includes:

  • 1 lb. pkgs. of ground beef

  • 2-3 lb. roasts (chuck, sirloin tip)

  • 1" steaks (sirloin, ribsteak -aka bone-in ribeye, t-bone/Porterhouse)

    cube, round steaks - cut thin/tenderized for beef jerky or minute steaks

  • short ribs

  • liver, heart, soup bones (if desired)

Click here to reserve your share now.

Farm Policies

We love our customers!  They are the best around.  But, unfortunately, not everyone is honest or as helpful as most.  We have had to institute some new policies and hope you will understand.  We are doing this so we can continue to offer beef at an affordable price, which is why we got into this business to start.  If we can keep overhead to a minimum, we can continue to offer our beef.

When you place your deposit, you are agreeing to the following:

1.  Cox Family Farms is a family.  We do this as a service to you.  It does not support our family; we do not have staff or employees.  It helps us keep our family farm but in no way makes a profit.  Please understand that we are answering emails/phone calls between two full-time jobs, taking care of the farm, and parenting/teaching three children.  We will do our best to answer in a timely manner but children and family emergencies will always take precedence.

2.  Understand beef is sold by hanging weight.  Hanging weight is NOT what you will receive but is what the side of beef weighs once it's hanging to dry age (think Rocky pounding meat in the movie). Cox Family Farms is not responsible for the amount of beef you get back.  There are many factors that affect how much beef you get, including how long it is dry-aged (moisture loss), cuts selected (we try to optimize this for you), the skill of the butcher (ours is awesome - we have trusted them for 20+ years.) 

3.  Processing is included in what you pay Cox Family Farms as a convenience to you only.  The price per pound includes approximately $.60/lb processing and a $15.50 slaughter fee.  This goes directly to Fleming Meat Packers.  If you have any questions or concerns about how much meat you get back or how it is cut or packaged, please contact them directly.  If you would like to pay them directly, please let us know and we will forward their information to you.  Cox Family Farms cannot accept responsibility for processing issues.

4.  Be available to have someone pick up your beef share the weekend you are scheduled and the following weekend.  There are occasionally backups at the processor and we need to re-schedule.  If this time frame does not work for you, please make a deposit for another delivery time frame.  We know things come up, but please try to work with us on getting your share picked up on the day of delivery.  

5.  Please check the email you used to make your Paypal deposit regularly.  We will be communicating with that email address to let you know of delivery details.  It is very hard for us to keep up if you use someone else's Paypal account or its tied to an inactive email address.

6.  We can no longer accept special requests.  If you have ordered from us in the past and would like to order a half share, please contact us via email for details.

7.  Know that we care about every animal and every customer we work with.  We will work really hard to make sure your family gets affordable, healthy food.  If you see that we are not meeting our goals, or would like to have us change the way we do things, please let us know.  We are happy for the feedback.  We use the Matthew 18 principle, and take issues directly to the person we have an issue with and use a mediator when we cannot solve the problem.  

8.  Finally, know that you are very much appreciated.  Your purchase is not only making a difference in the health of your family but in the health of our planet.  God calls us to be good stewards of what He has given us.  We are thrilled you are part of that.  You are also making a huge difference in paying farmers a living wage.  One of our farmers is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and after 30 years of farming, he said he may make it this year!  That's because of you.  You should feel really good about this.

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