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Q:  What are all the costs involved?
Cox Family Farms :  We include EVERYTHING. There are no additional fees for processing or delivery.  
Q:   How far do I have to drive to pick up my beef?
Cox Family Farms:  We deliver to a central location in Hyde Park, Cincinnati, OH.
Q:  What breed cattle do you raise?
Cox Family Farms:  We raise heirloom breed Angus (and occasional Herefords from our neighbor).  Heirloom breeds are particularly important because they have not been over-bred for enormous size like factory farms or beef raised primarily on grain.
Q:   What processors do you use?
Cox Family Farms:  We have taken extra care in selecting our processors.  Processors must be very skilled to maximize the amount of beef customers receive.  They must be very honest as well and be trusted not to remove meat from anyone's order for their own retail sales.  We have searched the entire state to find absolutely the best processors.  We use Fleming Meat Packers.  They are the only processors we trust and we will wait many months for an appointment to make certain our customers receive the ABSOLUTE BEST!
Q:  How old are the beef when they are processed?
Cox Family Farms:  Age can significantly effect the tenderness and flavor of your beef.  We have chosen to make sure your beef is extraordinarily tender and flavorful by using beef that are 12-15 months in age at processing.  While this costs significantly more for the farmer, the customer receives absolutely the best product.
Q:  How will my meat be packaged?
Cox Family Farms:  Your beef will come double wrapped in butcher paper.  Each package will be labeled with the cut of meat on the outside and will be packaged in portions to feed a four person family.  (1 lb pkgs ground beef, 3-4 lb roasts, two steaks per pkg)